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Reflecting Home is the title for the current selection of Laura Stamer’s photographs. Here the visual artist presents a narrative about domesticity told through Polaroid photos.

The images explore the borders between the home as the concrete frame for everyday life and as a meditative reflection of reality interpreted through changing light, shadow, and texture. In understated and freeing compositions, Stamer’s photographs are reflections of the reality which summons personal recollections from the everyday, and of its spontaneous beauty.

The images are mysterious, poetic, and reflect an intimate knowledge of the apartment’s walls, doors, floor, and ceilings: the surfaces that frame or delimit the home.   

The special thing about photographs, which are created with a camera, is that it will always be linked to reality because the camera’s lens projects reality’s visual appearance directly onto the film or sensor “What the photograph captures in a moment is, in other words, a projection of the light’s reflection into the physical reality. In this way the camera-created photograph will, being an image of it, always refer to that occurring reality” – Reflecting Home.

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