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The idea behind our Merino Wool program is to introduce long-lasting essentials that are suitable for everyday wear. In order to ensure durability, we believe the merino wool fibre is the best choice for knitwear garments.

Our intention is to embrace the merino wool’s unique features and through this create timeless designs.


 Armoire Officielle’s Merino Wool program is made from Woolmark-certified wool from Italian supplier, Lanerossi. The Woolmark label is a quality insurance symbol. The mark guarantees that the quality compliant product contains 100% pure new wool.

Natural and unique

In contrast to synthetic textiles, the Merino Wool is an active fibre that adapts according to the body temperature. Keeping you warm, when it is cold outside and cool on hot sunny days. Thanks to this feature, the merino wool garments are suitable for every season.

Besides its’ versatility, the merino wool is naturally elastic. Due to the unique structure, merino fibres return to their original state when stretched.

The Merino is the world’s finest and softest type of wool, making it comfortable to wear.


The easy-to-care properties of Merino Wool include stain and wrinkle resistance. Since the Merino Wool fibres have a natural protective outer layer that prevents the stain from being absorbed. And thanks to its’ elasticity, the merino fibre maintains the garment’s drape and shape throughout the day.

Fully-fashion knitwear

All of our Merino Wool essentials are fully-fashion knitted. This knitting technique means that all the individual pieces neccessary to complete the garment are knitted into the desired shape. Then assembled together without cutting or wasting any extra material.

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