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Sustainability has different meaning to different people and being a fashion label that is strongly engaged with the issue, we wish to describe how we understand and approach sustainability.

Sustainability is considered in all stages of the products life cycle and has been a part of Armoire Officielle’s values since day one. Our understanding of sustainability regards the environmental and social factors equally important. For Armoire, it means creating something long-lasting that can surpass trends. With our products, we wish to encourage our consumers to slow down and invest in fewer, but high-quality things and to care for them. The design principle that Armoire Officielle believes in is closely connected to the term “slow fashion”, where the focus is on functionality, quality, and timeless design. Our intention is to create a product that is wanted by the consumers and that works well. No matter how sustainable a product might be, if nobody is buying it, it ends up being waste.

Armoire Officielle recognizes that sustainability is a complex issue and we are reminding ourselves that because of this, we can not do it all. Therefore, we have taken a step-by-step approach. This is a learning process, which helps us become better at what we do and improve both our products and our brand.


Our efforts


Our design philosophy is focusing on functionality and simplicity.

  • Functionality because of our interest in quality and details that give meaning. We strive to work with high-quality materials and finishings. For this reason, mono-materiality is one of our efforts, since we believe in the strong and unique features of the different fabrics. Therefore, most of our fabric compositions are 100% of one particular material. Some of these include organic cotton, merino wool, tencel, linen etc.
  • Simplicity because of our Nordic heritage, that is translated into the design aesthetic. Because our intention is to create longevity, we embrace timeless aesthetics that is ‘relevant regardless of trends’.

As part of every collection, there are two essential programs. The GOTS-certified organic cotton essentials program includes chinos, shirting and basic jerseys. And the Merino Wool program is made from Woolmark-certified, Italian-spun merino yarn and it includes sweaters, tops and cardigans.

Since we focus on long-lasting essentials, we have been sharing with our customers easy and eco-friendly laundry tips for the two essentials programs.

Finally, our approach of working with sustainability is also translated into the way we communicate our efforts. On our webshop, we specify the country of origin of the product as well as where the material comes from, especially if it is from a well-respected traditional textile mill. We also mention the certificates of the textiles that ensure quality and responsible production.

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